What are the 5 Reasons people fear posting on Social Media even though they need to?

So you want to build influence, generate leads, build connections, and attract the right audience! You are either someone who leads or wants to lead for personal growth or to help your organization grow.

Could you do it through networking and joining different networking groups? Could you do it by seeking referrals from your network? Could you do it through traditional advertising or marketing strategies?

Yes. You could and would but in some of these instances, it would be a long haul and a lot of effort. In other such instances, it would be huge marketing costs including outsourcing your marketing strategies to external agencies.

The beauty of social media is you can start with organic means and then should you choose to you can step up to paid ads with or without the help of an external agency, and get a whole lot of visibility without an enormous investment of money to start with or without an enormous investment of effort in attracting opportunities that work for your career or business growth.

Yet, people fear posting content in the form of blogs, videos, stories, podcasts, tiny teasers/posters with content.

The primary fear of anyone using social media as a platform to build their online presence is the fear of being judged by their immediate family, friends, or network. They are plagued by the What If Syndrome:

“What if people think I am stupid?”

“What if people think I am posting content because I love being in the limelight/love grabbing the limelight?”

“What if people think my content is useless?”

“What if no one likes my posts?”

The second fear most people have is the fear of having no inspiration or ideas to create content to post on social media. People usually are short of ideas and feel they won’t be able to create enough content to post.

The third fear people have is the fear of writing or communicating. Many people don’t feel like they are good writers or good communicators and this stops them from posting content on social media.

The fourth fear people have is the fear of being in the public eye. Not everybody likes being in the limelight. Many prefer to be behind the scenes rather than be out there and visible.

The fifth fear people have is the fear of not getting enough social validation through likes, comments, shares, views, followers, or subscribers.

If you have any one of these fears then you really need to do a reality check and ask yourself if you really want to:

Build Influence?

Generate leads?

Build connections and attract the right audience?

If your answer to any of these is yes, then it’s really time to stop being afraid and getting out there and getting visible!

I wish more success to each Leader, each Team Member, each Organization, and each Business. Keep striving! Keep evolving! Keep shining!

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Namrata Vishwanath

If you are a Corporate/Business Leader or Executive and would like to learn how to build your career, teams, and business through building a leadership mindset and skills, please join the Leader by Design Hub & click on the link for more information: https://linktr.ee/namratavishwanath



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